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So, I've had some pretty crazy ideas go through my life over the last few years, and have also seen some pretty awesome ways that God has worked in and through them. The latest one started about 5 years ago when I first heard of human trafficking. Someone mentioned to me that we should build a house for survivors on our new property. I had no idea what he was talking about, let alone did I think I would give it any thought.


But God wouldn't let it go. Over time that idea has taken hold more and more. Gained ground. Gained understanding (Beacon of Hope). Gained experience (Timea's Retreat). The desire is there, but I'm not sure it needs to be on our property. I really believe God wants a home designated for survivors. In fact since the Retreat, I am that much more convinced. But I can't do it by myself. I am meeting lots of people who are passionate about helping in some way, but haven't nailed down any one (or rather two or more) people to get it up and running with me.




In the meantime,

I'm someone who has to DO something, I had this other crazy idea of starting a bakery. Yes, I know. That's a bit crazy. Well, it's something else that has taken hold in my heart and mind recently and won't let go.


The reason for the bakery is multifaceted. Primarily, as you may have guessed, it's a business that will donate a portion of its proceeds to finance a home for survivors. Secondly, once there's an actual building for it, it will be a place where survivors can be employed if they'd like. And thirdly, it will provide delicious, organic baking to the general public.


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